Sorted whites for the dentist

Mahesh Punjabi Associates turns the tables on the proprietary dental clinic, stripping it off its barrenness optimising on both hygiene and aesthetics merrymaidspalmbeachcounty A recently opened 900 sq. ft. state-of-the-art dental facility in suburban Mumbai welcomes visitors with its simplistic charm and grandeur; its white interior envelope and graphic placards being the only giveaways to its identity. With a chic reception area and working space for three dentists in addition to perfunctory areas the c…

The leading Chicago electronics recycling companies have made electronics recycling simple and easy

The leading Chicago electronics recycling companies are now making recycling of the electronics goods really simple and hassle free. We now live in the digital world. As a result of this the electronics devices be it our desktop computers laptops printers fax machines and other office equipment and other devices are ones we can hardly imagine our lives without. However with the ever dynamic electronic industry old devices quite often have to make way for new ones. The result is that the .

David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals- Triumph of the Vertebrates

Triumph of the Vertebrates goes through how the vertebrates evolved and came onto land. It details the origins of the vertebrates which lie in the primitive fish that once swam in ancient seas. Remarkable advances allowed them to make the radical move onto land and then take to the skies with the advent of flight. Brand new discoveries of fossils ancient and living combined with stunning CGI enable David to chart their unexpected journey out of the water to populate all corners of the glo.

A climatically apt melody of textures

A paragon of the practices ideals the new KSM Architecture Design Studio is climatically sensitive environmentally sustainable and sits beautifully amid Chennais emerging commercial hub, while retaining the sites narrative. The east-facing plot on wpsfresno a typically Indian street already housed a 35-year-old temple and four trees. Each element becoming to the design the bright and colourful temple stands in contrast to the rustic and earthen colours of the studio, while the trees off…